Joaquin Oliver

Joaquin Oliver was the most vibrant personality in every room. He was always the life of the party and he loved to love. Even now, I hear how his presence impacted so many people. He always did his best to be there for everyone and be the best friend and best boyfriend he could be. He was persistent, opinionated, and always stood up for what’s right and what’s fair. Everywhere he went he touched someone’s heart and had a special bond with each and every one of them. Joaquin had a strong passion for writing and looking at everything he wrote now, the meaning behind his writings goes so much deeper than expected. As a son he was very kind, warm, spoiled and persistent in what he wanted to get and accomplish. He was always making fun of little things, making jokes and looking for company when he wanted to eat or watch a game. As a brother he adored his sister and he always looked after her. We miss him each and every day; everything we do is for him.