Carmen Schentrup

Carmen was a beautiful, talented, caring, smart, and witty 16 year old Senior, just a week away from her 17th birthday. Carmen enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, reading, and making others laugh. While Carmen had a silly disposition by nature, she knew how to apply herself, excelling in school and music. Carmen was also involved in a number of clubs and was president of the a cappella club and her church youth group. Like many teenagers, she enjoyed watching TV and going to movies; watching a favorite new show wasn’t uncommon. Always looking to explore the world, Carmen liked to travel, visit national parks, explore museums, and go to concerts. As a National Merit Scholar, with multiple scholarships, she was excited about graduating from Stoneman Douglas and was debating attending either the University of Florida or the University of Washington. We will never know which one Carmen would have picked. Her dream to become a medical researcher and cure ALS cut short before it began. For all of us that knew Carmen, we were sure she was going to change the world. We miss her more than you can know.