Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation

Memorial Finalists


Gordon Huether, Gordon Huether Studio (Napa, California)

My proposal is circular in nature, starting with a central fountain with seating, surrounded by 17 limestone obelisks – a tribute to each victim. These forms will hold each victim’s name and will include a small shelf for visitors to place mementos. Encircling the obelisks are 17 royal palm trees and an outer seating wall to complete the composition. The plaza will be paved with limestone and the poem “But for a Small Moment” will be engraved into the surface of the plaza in a circular layout, surrounding the obelisks.


Humanity Memorial Inc. (Sutton, WV) with EDSA, Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and Dills Architects (Virginia Beach, VA)

“Light Shining”: "…keep Gina's light shining by helping others reach their goals.” (Tony Montalto).

17 Rays of Lights represents 17 individual beautiful souls, honoring the triumph of their love. 17 birds rising from the 17 pillars coming together in a circle, suspended, above the fountain of healing, reflecting the coming together of Parkland community and Coral Springs community in honoring the 17 beautiful souls, “broken hearts united”. 17 individual gardens are ripples of healing radiating from the 17 rays of light, illuminating the paths to healing.


Jessica Lieberman, J Lieberman Designs (Parkland, FL)
Rebecca Bradley, Cadence Landscape Architects (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Hope, healing and restoration will be possible through the deeply personal and thoughtful design of this memorial. With her late son as an inspiration, Jessica Lieberman at J Lieberman Designs and Cadence Landscape Architects merged forces to create a space that pays tribute to the 17 lives taken from this earth on February 14, 2018. Nature’s therapeutic qualities are interwoven with a series of engineered works of art and etched poetry to offer vast and varied ephemeral moments of healing. All who visit will be inspired and touched by the memory of these beautiful souls that will carry on for generations to come.


Stephen D. Oliver, Artist and Designer (St. Petersburg, FL) with Wannemacher Jensen Architects (St. Petersburg, FL)

17 etched glass memorials line the arc of a continuous reflecting pool and correspond to the design of an open-air, covered family/ community area. Together, these elements define a courtyard for reflection and events. Each memorial features a legacy poem to encourage an appreciation that each life represented is much more than a name.

The memorial’s poetry, architecture, furniture, and flower garden are designed to celebrate love’s transcendence and help heal Parkland’s interruption of life and community. By inspiring empathy, visitors can unite with this community to grow a heightened sense of love for transforming tears into a proactive force against tragedy.


RiadArchitecture (New York, NY)

Our goal was to create an enclosed space to blend into the landscape without feeling imposing yet have a vast central space for commemoration, in remembrance of those honored. This space would be enclosed save for threshold penetrations, the northern edge bringing in the flowing water of Coral Springs, and a circular oculus with a large Elm tree guiding visitors' gaze towards the sky. The memorial also houses an accessible roof level for a split experience – a private intimate space in the main hall with a public park on the roof.


VLC One, Inc. (Hollywood, FL)

Design: The clean, open design includes seventeen angular sculptures rising vertically, each reaching outward to lift a globe of the world. Water flows upward continuously from a circular reflective pool beneath.

Symbolism: Each angular sculpture represents a precious life lost. Each outward extension transmits their hopes and individual messages lifting the world to a higher dimension. The never-ending flow of water evokes ideas of profound depth, changing feelings, love and sadness, but also purification, rejuvenation, and transformation. It is also a universal representation of life since no plant or animal can live without it.

Thank you for your support, and for allowing us to work together to honor the memory of those taken too soon and heal our community.